Crop Satellite Technology

Agriculture meets big data.

See further. Know earlier. Act quicker

Using the latest satellite, weather and ground data, Weather Safe changes farming through increased precision crop management based on site and time-specific management.

Using Big Data and AI modelling Weather safe provides predictions and information on several aspects of coffee farming that improve the management of coffee crops and practices, enabling effective and quick responses to environmental risks including pests and disease, soil nutrient deficiencies and climate.

It provides business benefits by optimising outputs in terms of both quantity and quality, enabling proactive environmental stewardship and adding value socially and economically.

It provides tools for coffee producers and those managing the coffee industry to enable an improved supply chain and increased crop outputs.

Weather safe uses a customised hyper local weather forecast, weekly satellite coverage, annual very high resolution EO satellite imagery and predictive Big Data and AI modelling to provide:

  • Regular monitoring of tree / crop health from inputs used such as PROBLAD and AgroPy 5EW.
  • SMS Early warning system for pests and diseases enabling timely action by the farmers
  • Recommendations & Good agriculture practises sent to farmers on crop management, such as best times to apply fertiliser or fungicides, water management and more.
  • Predictions of water shortages enabling better water resource management.
  • A cloud-based web platform to display data and mobile app for use in the field.

The key ingredients of the service are:

  • Digitally mapping Farmers fields and counting trees
  • Hyper-Local weather forecasts using to produce a 7-day forecast for coffee in areas of Rwanda & Kenya. Weather simulations are run several times daily on 5000+ data points;
  • Satellite data that cover the coffee producing regions to indicate when plants are under stress from water, fungus, pests and other issues;
  • Agronomist models that accurately predict the yield effects of climate and other parameters on coffee crops and provide time-proven farm management techniques to maximise yield and quality.