Quality bio stimulants and biofertilizers based on microorganism’s and organic molecules developed with environmental responsibilities in mind to cover all crop coupled with organic and quality certifications.


Bioavailable Silicon enhanced by Iron , Zinc and Molybdenum

ECKOSIL acts in the plant in two entirely different effects, nutrient and water absorption regulation (anti hydric-stress action) and mechanical protection against external aggressions. ECKOSIL has the property to absorb surface moisture from plants, increasing plant resistance to several abiotic factors, such as high and low temperatures, drought, wind and high concentrations of salts.

Flowering metabolic bio activator

ASPRIM P20 promotes floral induction and promotes a several synergisms between macro and micronutrients essential in the early pre-bloom and bloom stages. Due to its high concentration in Phosphorus is especially recommended for the demanding stages of the vegetative cycle, such as bloom and fruit setting. The Boron, Zinc and Molybdenum are essential for cell division.

Formulation based on amino acids derived from vegetable protein and vitamins

PROMVEG increases the metabolic processes of amino acids production from Nitrogen, stimulates plant growth by providing faster synthesis of its own proteins, favouring vegetative overcoming from interruptions caused by “stress” environment, such as frost, root asphyxiation, prolonged period of drought and hail.

Energetic biostimulant to increase fruit size

ENERMAX is a product designed to enhance and standardize the size of the fruits, promotes cell division and redirect nutrients from leaves, stem and root to the fruit. The simultaneous application of all nutrients presents in ENERMAX, as well as its immediate absorption, meet the higher energy needs that characterize the development of the plants, avoiding situations of stress and / or deformation of the fruit.

Copper Heptagluconate

CUPERDEM is a Copper solution designed for foliar and drip irrigation application with an easy penetration through the plant. Among different effects and agronomic benefits, the highlights are its action in the enzymatic processes and photosynthesis, giving the plant more resistance.