Agropy UK


AgroPy (UK) Ltd is a UK based specialist biopesticide company bringing many years of experience in biopesticides to a world where customers are making more demands from their suppliers in terms of environmentally friendly pest control techniques where traditional harsh synthetic pesticide chemicals are increasingly becoming banned by regulatory authorities.

AgroPy U.K. accomplish this by working with partners as a distributor or universities across the world to develop new biopesticide products, either new formulations based on existing bioactive compounds, new combination formulations or completely new bioactive compounds as products in their own right.


AgroPy has been focussing on developing or obtaining products and appropriate product registrations. This has provided the platform for growth in 2020 onwards.


Established in the UK, AgroPy is now seeking to expand its reach to work with new partners and customers in new territories internationally.


To educate, empower and transform farmers, governmental organisations and co-operatives to work together globally using natural plant-based bio-pesticides that improves the quality of food crops, the environment and communities.


To deliver bio-pesticide products thereby helping farmers world-wide realize their full potential in an environmentally friendly environment at the same time always keeping consumers health in mind.


As a customer, you can expect the highest level of professionalism from all AgroPy U.K. employees who will be respectful, well-mannered and timely at all times because we pride ourselves on providing result-driven, exceptional service.


AgroPy U.K. strives to be on the forefront of new technologies, techniques and products that will enable us to deliver our services in a more efficient manner. The more we know about our products and the associated pests and fungal diseases, the more effective and successful we’ll be at assisting our customers manage their related crop problems.


AgroPy U.K. operates with honesty and integrity at all times in all situations. All product shown on our website has undergone trials in each country and has been registered for use on the specific crop.